Why Focus on Low Code for Your Software Development Process?

By Teknorix on November 17, 2023


  • Low-code platforms make it easier and faster to create software for your business.
  • Low code takes 90% less time to develop apps in the software development process.
  • The best low-code platforms make software development affordable and efficient.

In the world of computers and technology, making software and apps is like building a digital playground. But what if this process was much faster and easier? That’s where “low code” comes in. According to research, 90% of the time can be saved by developing apps with low-code platforms.

Let’s learn how “low code development” simplifies the software development process to boost your business operations.


How Does Low Code Improve the Software Development Process?

Low-code development aims to simplify and accelerate the application development process. It does this by reducing the amount of traditional hand-coding required, often through visual interfaces and pre-built components.

Low-code platforms empower users with varying technical expertise, from professional developers to business analysts, to create applications faster and with less manual coding. Here’s how low code improves the software development process:


  1. Helps in faster time to market

    Low code makes software come together quickly. It helps businesses get what they need in no time. Compared to traditional development technologies, businesses that use low code automation can build solutions 56% faster.

    With the best low-code platforms, developers can create apps more easily and quickly. It results in meeting the market requirements in a short time, much ahead of the competitors.


  2. Reduces coding complexity

    Coding is like giving instructions to a computer in a special language. But sometimes, it can be really hard to talk to computers. Low code is like using simple and easy words to talk to them. This means there are fewer mistakes because everyone understands each other better.

    This helps businesses run better and cuts down on costs for fixing things. Businesses that use low-code platforms to build applications increase revenue by 58% on average.


  3. Lowers development costs

    Businesses want to save money when they build software. So, low code is the best solution for them. It is cheaper than older methods, saving businesses lots of money.

    Low code makes everything smooth and less expensive. It streamlines the process, which makes everything work in a straight line, reduces errors, and ensures resources are used well.


  4. Saves on maintenance

    80% of businesses believe that low-code solutions free up developers so they can focus on other important things. Low code makes development easier and lowers errors, which means there is less work and money spent on fixing things later on.


  5. Improves security and compliance

    Businesses use confidential data that must be protected and have rules to follow. Low code helps maintain data security and makes following compliance much easier.

    Ensuring security and following rules during low code development is essential, as it protects businesses from data breaches and security issues.


  6. Enhances IT and Business Collaboration

    Non-developers create about 60% of custom enterprise applications. Also, 30% of them are created by workers with little to no experience in technical development.

    So, when using low code in the software development process, it’s easy for people who aren’t tech experts to work together. This helps with effective communication and ensures your outcome is exactly as planned. Low code helps everyone understand and work together better.


  7. Supports application scalability

    Businesses often face the need to expand and scale over time, requiring the development of more applications or the enhancement of existing ones. With low code, your business can easily adapt to changing requirements and rapidly meet their evolving needs.

    It has the flexibility to expand your applications without the complexities of high-level coding and expertise.


How does low code automation help your business?

Low code automation simplifies the software development process. It eliminates manual work, leading to fewer or no mistakes. You should choose the best low-code development platforms to speed up the development process.

With automation, your business can respond faster to changes in the market. When the market changes, businesses can adjust their software faster, helping them stay competitive.



Low code automation has changed the way businesses build software. To enjoy these benefits, explore the best low-code platforms for your business. The low-code development services offered by Teknorix make the software development process easier and much more affordable.

Learn more about low code and how it can make software development easy and reliable. Get in touch with the experts today!