Why does a project need React?

By Teknorix on October 19, 2020

We are going to revamp the topic most front-end and full stack developers would already have spoken about at least once in their career, “Why do we use React?”.

With the language’s popularity sky-rocketing since the past few years, React has been a framework that doesn’t need any introduction.

React is a Javascript based library used to create highly reactive, super fast user interfaces. As React is a library that runs on Javascript, it renders in the browser which means users do not have to wait for page reloads for a long time.
React.js has been the most loved Framework chosen by developers in the recent survey created by Stackoverflow.


Let us dive deeper into the advantages of using React.

React Component

React, being a user interface library which is heavily based on components used in the form of JSX, makes the process of writing the code easier, and manageable. The code becomes concise and extremely fast to render. It also has the most important advantage to its credit, it is reusable. React code can then be used in SPA’s(Single Page Application) or Multiple Page Application individually or paired with several other components. This is a boon for developers on larger projects and becomes essential when many people work in a team on various parts of a project.

Why prefer React.js over Javascript?

Javascript is a very powerful language by itself. In bigger applications, targeting each element manually in the code using QuerySelectors and to restructure the code becomes a nightmare. The use of Jquery may subsequently make targeting elements easier but it becomes heavy on the browser eventually.
React makes the state management of user interface comparatively easier. It also allows us to focus more on business logic without making the application cumbersome.

  • Reliability

    React supports many styling libraries like styled components to make the UI elements more appealing to the user and to give better user experience. React also supports Redux which is a standalone library which can be used with React to make functional components easier to handle. This is of very much help especially when the project is complex.

  • Additional Usage

    We have heard about React being faster, simpler and clean to understand. Due to these features, it is better for SEO Management. As Google, indicates that faster page rendering being the thing algorithm considers to rank the pages.

  • Developer Friendly

    React is managed by an enormous community. This means there are great chances that for a given problem you will find a solution or a package to solve it on the go. React works on Props and State Management to render components and update DOM elements. And, it is easier to learn because of the JSX nature, which is a combination of Javascript and HTML elements.


With a greater demand for developers over this stack, it is safe to say this framework is here to stay for a long run.