Which Is Better: Low Code Or Traditional Development?

By Teknorix on November 17, 2023


  • Knowing low code vs traditional development helps make the right decisions.
  • Low code platforms accelerate software development and save costs.
  • A low-code application development company helps achieve project success.



Software is the backbone of modern business, enabling smooth operations, customer engagement, and data management. It can be the key to success, and choosing the right method to build it is crucial. Thus, knowing the difference between low code vs traditional developments is essential to meet your software requirements.

As per stats, almost 65% of application development will be handled by low-code tools by 2024. Therefore, focusing on what makes them different, why low code can be faster, and why hiring a low-code application development company can be a good idea.

Let’s dig further and explore the difference between traditional and low code development.


Low Code vs Traditional Development: The Basics


What’s Low Code?

Low code is a modern way to create software. With low-code, you don’t have to write as much code by hand. It uses visual tools and pre-made parts to make things easier. It’s designed for both, professional developers and people who aren’t experts in coding., According to 89 percent of CIOs and IT professionals, low-code successfully increases efficiency.


Traditional Development in Simple Terms

Traditional development is the old way of building software. Programmers write code from scratch in languages such as Java and Python, building everything step by step.


Key Differences


Speed: Is Low Code Really Faster?

How much faster is low-code development comparing to traditional development? Low code development is quick as you don’t need to write much code. With low code, you can use visual tools and drag-and-drop components, which saves time.


What Makes Them Different?

Apart from speed, low code is simple to use. It’s made to be easy, so even people who aren’t coding experts can work with it. Traditional development needs more coding skills and technical knowledge.


Flexibility: The Low-Code Advantage

Low code is flexible. It lets you adapt quickly when your business scales… On the other hand, traditional development can be slow when you want to make changes.


Low-Code App Development Company: A Quick Resolution

If you want to build software, working with a low-code app development company is your right choice. They specialize in using low-code tools, which makes the development process faster and more efficient.


Advantages of Low Code Development


  • Building Models Quickly

    Low code lets you create working models or prototypes faster than traditional development. This is helpful for testing ideas and getting feedback early in the development process.


  • Saving Money on Development

    Using low code saves you money. It’s faster, so you need fewer resources. This helps you in budget optimization


  • Collaboration Made Easy

    Low-code tools help different people work together, even if they’re not from a technical background. Anyone can join in the development process as it’s easy to learn.


The Power of Low Code


People in Control

Low code lets non-developers take part in software creation. It brings different people together for better teamwork.


Scalable and Adaptable

Low-code solutions work for both small and large projects. They fit a wide range of business needs.


Quick Responses to Change

In a fast-changing business world, you need to adapt quickly. Low code makes it easy. You can upgrade faster when you need to.



Choosing between low code and traditional development is important for your business. Low code is fast, easy, and cost-effective, making it a great choice for businesses aiming for digital transformation. Understanding these differences and the benefits of a low-code app development company can help you make the right decisions..

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