Web Applications

Modern Web development technologies have revolutionized the way Enterprise Business applications are built. Web applications have overtaken traditional desktop legacy applications and have become the de-facto standard for implementing business solutions in the enterprise.

Large Enterprise business applications have been migrated from the desktop to the web over the last few years. Today’s enterprise business applications are complex, scalable, distributed & mission critical. Such applications may be deployed on a variety of platforms across corporate networks, intranets or across geographical boundaries over the Internet. Being highly data-centric, such enterprise business applications must meet the stringent requirements of security, administration & maintenance, thus raising the bar for Enterprise System Architects to design highly scalable & robust solutions.

In addition to technology improvements on the server side with multi core, multi-processor servers, to massive computing capabilities provided by Cloud infrastructure, there have been remarkable improvements in Client side technologies with the advent of highly capable modern Browsers.

Technologies like HTML5, JavaScript MVVM frameworks like AngularJS, Knockout, etc. and Responsive CSS3 frameworks like Bootstrap, foundation, etc. have given rise to a new breed of Enterprise Web Applications called Single Page Applications, which are slowly making way into the enterprise arena.

At Teknorix, we specialize in building such large scale web applications which are easily accessible across all browsers & mobile devices. With over a decade of experience across various domains, Teknorix has developed numerous Enterprise Web applications for clients across the globe.

Our unrivalled domain experience along with expertise on various web technologies, inspires us to create world class Web applications for your business.