Outsourced Product Development

Outsourcing is beneficial to organizations not only for the cost savings, but also to achieve faster time to market, superior quality product, easier management and scaling up of resources. Teknorix has proved as a reliable outsourcing partner for its clients across the globe.

In a competitive business world, just having an idea and a marketing strategy may not be sufficient to develop a software product. It is very important to follow the best practices in software development with a thorough understanding of managing the complete software development life cycle.

Outsourced product development has gained importance over the years as organizations can benefit from the expertise in software development best practices and technological skillsets of the outsourcing partner.

Over the years, Teknorix has emerged as a preferred outsourced product development partner to various organizations worldwide. We have leveraged our product development expertise along with the experience on latest technologies and multiple domains to build a robust and scalable products which have been tested over time.

We have provided value addition in the development of products starting from conceptualization of the product, prototyping, architecting and designing, strategic product planning, development, product launch and post launch maintenance and upgradation. Our specialization in designing, development, exhaustive testing, product launch, support and enhancement has helped our clients increase their ROI and focus on their business goals instead of facing bottlenecks in the software development of their products.

Our Product Engineering service includes:
  1. Product Research & Conceptualization
  2. Product Design & Development
  3. Product Development and Implementation
  4. Product Testing & QA
  5. Strategic Product Marketing
  6. Product Support and Enhancement
  7. Product Management Consultancy
  8. Product Research & Development

Being a process oriented company following a strict agile methodology, our outsourced product development model is fast, iterative and easily responsive to changing requirements. Partnering with organizations across various industries in building enterprise web applications & mobile applications, we have gained valuable insights on different business scenarios and solutions to mission critical problems. Hence we proudly boast of our unparalleled domain expertise on multiple domains, which has proved of great value for our clients.

We focus on architecture, strong coding standards, documentation, configuration management and strict adherence to designs in addition to applying the industry best practices and latest technology skillsets to deliver the most efficient and effective solutions to our customers. We also help our clients to reduce costs and benefit from faster time to market.