Mobile Applications

Widespread use of Mobile devices like Tablets, Smartphones and low cost Internet access on mobile networks has paved a path for a new age of mobile applications which are smarter and larger than desktop applications built a few years ago.

Mobile applications have evolved from simple apps which could do basic data input and processing to complex client server business applications which talk to RESTful API or Web Services. In addition, the advancement of mobile processors and RAM available on these devices have led to the possibility of more complex processing to be done on these devices.

Enterprise mobile applications have a strong need of being platform independent, such that users across all platforms have accessibility to the mobile apps. Building separate mobile applications for iPhone / iPad, Android and Windows Phone involves maintaining separate code base for every platform. Any feature addition on one platform will be unavailable to the other platform users, unless explicitly built for that platform. Traditionally, in the age of simple mobile apps, this was acceptable and manageable.

With the availability of high end mobile devices with Multiple Core processors, few Gigabytes of RAM and high end graphics processing capabilities in such a small form factor, the bar has been raised for the possibilities of mobile applications in the Enterprise market. Therefore todays Enterprise mobile applications are highly complex software applications, thus making it difficult for maintaining separate code base for different platforms.

With frameworks like Cordova, Phonegap, Ionic Framework and support from companies like Telerik with platforms like Telerik Appbuilder, Hybrid Mobile Applications are the best solution to building Platform Independent Mobile Applications. Hybrid Mobile Applications can be built with a single Codebase with technologies like AngularJS, Javascript, Typescript and bundled into separate applications for iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Phone. These Apps can also render with native look and feel on each platform. Libraries for interfacing with hardware level functions like Geo Location, Camera, NFC etc. are readily available on such platforms.

At Teknorix we specialize in building Hybrid Mobile Apps using AngularJS, Typescript and Cordova / Phonegap and bundling it with Telerik Appbuilder as a single app which is deployed across different app stores. This has helped our clients reduce time to market and increase maintainability of their applications.