Choosing the right technology is as important as designing and developing the app. We use the following technologies to build custom web applications for our customers across various domains:


An open-source server-side web application framework to produce dynamic software applications.


An open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment used for client-side scripting.


A JavaScript library used for building user interfaces for single-page web applications.


Selecting the right technology while building a mobile app is critical for the success of your app. We leverage these technologies to build Native and Cross Platform Mobile Apps:


A cross-platform used that provides tools to write native Android and iOS code.

React Native

An open-source framework to build iOS and Android mobile apps using JavaScript and React.


A technology used to build mobile apps for android devices using Android Software Development Kit.


A platform to build apps for iOS devices by using the tools from the iOS developer kit.

Data Science

Making data-driven decisions is possible if you have the right tools to collect and analyze that data. We write algorithms and build functionalities that extract the desired insights and present them to you.


Natural Language Toolkit is a collection of libraries and programs written in Python for statistical and symbolic natural language processing operations.


A multi-paradigm programming language that helps you analyze your data for complex business applications.


An open-source library used for dataflow programming across a range of tasks in machine learning applications.

Azure AI

A platform used to build smart apps by helping compile data, build own models, and run them anywhere at any scale.

Big Data

We build all-in-one systems that capture, store, search, update, and share data to carry out computational tasks with ease using these technologies:


A search engine that provides a distributed full-text search engine with schema-free JSON documents and an HTTP web interface.


A cross-platform, document-oriented database management tool that stores data in JSON-like formats.

SQL Server

A relational database management tool used for storing and retrieving data when requested by software applications.


We specialize in building location intelligence applications that allow you not only to capture and store geographical data but also to manage and analyze it according to your requirements.


A geographic information system (GIS) used for web GIS and other geodatabase management applications.

Google Maps

A web mapping service that offers route planning, street maps, real-time traffic conditions, and satellite imagery when requested.


Cloud-based systems solve the problems of data storage and management, hardware compatibility, data security, and much more. We design and develop cloud-based applications using the most effective tools and technologies.


A cloud computing platform created to build, test, deploy, and manage software applications in data centers managed by Microsoft.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an on-demand cloud computing service provided by Amazon.

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