Web Applications

We understand the challenges you face in growing your business and provide you with a robust solution employing fresh design and the most appropriate web technology.


We monitor and maintain the applications to ensure that they work seamlessly on various browsers and different screen resolutions.


Our web applications are designed in such a way that they can handle any amounts of data without hampering the performance of the software.


We use latest technologies and enhanced encryption techniques to protect your web application from malicious attacks.

Web Development Process

We develop custom web applications using our experience in various software technologies and platforms. We put in our knowledge of latest market trends to build innovative solutions for your business.



We follow a step-by-step approach towards application development. After understanding your requirements, we research and brainstorm on ideas to make your application more intuitive. We discuss the problem your application solves and study the competitive market so as to propose solutions that you would make you stand out amongst your competitors.

Product Design

Product Design

Once the requirements are gathered, our Design team shows their magic by designing an excellent prototype. This prototype is a byproduct of numerous user surveys, flow diagrams and use case diagrams. We also focus on the user experience part of your web application. We share the prototype with you for your feedback once it is ready.



We start with application development once you approve the design. We plan out our development roadmap taking into consideration the time required to define the databases and develop the functionalities. We divide the entire project into smaller iterations and set a deadline for each of them. We ensure that the development is completed in the decided time frame. Once a module is completed, we share it with the testing team.

Quality Assurance (Web)

Quality Assurance

Every module that is built undergoes through various sessions of rigorous testing to ensure that the application is bug-free. We identify the errors and the missing requirements, if any, and suggest improvements in the existing system. We test the application excellently so that the end-users have a complete, bug-free software to use.



We monitor the application intently before its deployment. During this time, we not just check if the application works seamlessly but also, if there have been some new issues found. Once we are fully satisfied with the application, we deliver it to you.



We believe that developing a web application does not stop with the first release. It is an iterative process. Depending upon your and other user’s feedback, we propose ideas for fine tuning the software. We introduce some new features and enhance the existing ones. During this phase our focus is mainly on improving the overall web application.

SaaS Products

We help you deliver your business ideas to your customers.

SaaS products

We employ our strong technological expertise and business acumen in developing SaaS products and taking your business to the next level. Whether you are a SaaS startup or an enterprise, we build industry-changing SaaS solutions for our customers.

We focus on developing an innovative product having amazing UI/UX and the best functionality. We conduct extensive research on your idea before converting it into a fully-functional software product. We use the latest technologies and framework to build your software. The product is thoroughly tested before it is delivered to the end users.

Our ‘Tek-Flow’ development process ensures faster deployment, easier integrations and lower development and maintenance costs. We believe in making regular updates and enhancements to ensure that your software delivers the best.

Custom Web Application Development

Let your software work the way your business does.

Custom Web Application Development

We specialize in building tailored software solutions for your business. We use our knowledge and experience in advanced technologies and find simple solutions to your complex business problems. We are proficient in not just developing a custom app from scratch but also, for revamping the existing ones. We take up every project, no matter how simple or complex it is, as a challenge and complete it in the most innovative manner.

We follow the best industry standards for designing and developing your application. Right from sketching an interactive design, dividing the functionalities into workable modules, deciding upon the technologies to be used to develop them, the actual development process, testing out the entire software for issues to the application deployment, you are kept updated about the progress. We make you an integral part of the application development process.

We have built a number of custom web applications for our clients all over the world.

E-commerce Development

Complete, End-to-End Ecommerce solutions to grow your business.

E-Commerce Development

Online shopping has grown into a huge industry over the recent years. Having an online store is highly recommended owing to the trends in the marketing industry. We build customized ecommerce solutions for your online store.

We follow a simple yet effective approach towards building your ecommerce portal. First, we research the industry to have an idea about the current marketing trends and accordingly, design a prototype of the entire portal. We share it with you for your feedback and then, start with the development. We offer built-in emailing feature, reporting module in addition to the payment gateway. We use the advanced encryption techniques to ensure safety of the user data. Lastly, the entire portal is tested for issues before deployment.

The Ecommerce portals that we build are –

  • Easy to use
  • Highly customizable
  • Responsive design
  • Excellent UI and UX

We help you engage your customers by giving them a delightful shopping experience.

Website Development and Maintenance

We create visually appealing, interactive websites for your business.

Website Development and Maintenance

We help you in reaching out to your prospective customers. We create websites with trendy designs that deliver excellent user experience to your website visitors. We start with designing your website only after we have a solid information about your business and the industry you are catering. We build custom themes having a robust architecture that supports seamless navigation. We follow the best standards to ensure that your website design adheres to the SEO guidelines. Whether you are viewing the website on your laptop or on your mobile phone, it works excellently on all kinds of devices. We take care of your website right from domain registration to website maintenance.

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