What We Do

We partner with you in building software solutions to solve real life problems by creating intriguing designs using best-in-class technology. We have helped many companies grow their businesses with our technological expertise.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

With the world switching to mobile devices, mobile apps have gained momentum in the software markets. We specialize in building mobile apps for all kinds of mobile devices.

Web App Development

Web App Development

Whether it is building small applications involving simple functionality or building enterprise applications with complex functionalities, we build scalable web applications to solve real world problems.

Strategic Partnership

We understand how complex software development is and the challenges it bring along. We have gained enough experience and knowledge to tackle these challenges. Allow us to advise you about how to build a successful product.

Tech Consulting

Technology Consulting

Most business owners believe that product development and marketing are two separate areas. They fail to look at the broader picture. What leads to a successful product is not just development and marketing, but many other factors that play a major role. Being into product development for over 5 years have made us aware of all the nuances of building products that scale. Let us help your business achieve its goals through our expertise in technology and product thinking.

Startup Partner

Startup Partner

The biggest challenge for Startups is to get there early. Having a good idea is not enough. Being able to jumpstart your MVP with the shortest Time-to-market is critical to the success of your startup. We have helped many startups realize their dreams as a partner with strong technical skills. However crazy your idea may be, we have the expertise to transform it into a fully functional product.

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    Design Thinking

    Strong UI and UX design is at the heart of every successful product. Good design ultimately affects customer satisfaction and therefore the growth of your business. We follow ‘What-Who-How’ principle while designing every project. Our designs are fresh, crisp and intuitive.

    User Interface

    UI Design

    The user interface of any application is more important than the functionality itself. If your UI is not perceived by the end users the way you wish, it ultimately results in the application not being used at all. Hence it is very important that the UI is intuitive enough and communicates visually with your users. We thoughtfully design and mock every layout and presentation of your application, helping you visualize every aspect before proceeding with the development. We focus on minute details such as button placements, icon placements, spaces in addition to color schemes and other graphics.

    User experience

    UX Design

    In addition to having a good user interface, providing a good user experience (UX) is also very important to the success of your application. UX design should never be an afterthought. Our designers work very closely with the product team, discussing every single pain point faced by the end user and design the experience based on the established best-practices of user experience design.

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    Development Lifecycle

    Software Engineering has evolved to a great extent over the last few years. With the advances in cloud technology, mobile devices and new challenges such as CI/CD, it has become very important that the development is completed in a timely manner. Design, development and deployment have to be in sync to ensure a timely product delivery. At Teknorix, we follow “Tek-flow” our proprietary software development framework which streamlines our approach towards product development.

    Project Management

    We bring a unique focus on your project by setting timelines and allocating desired resources. We follow the 5 step approach for managing our projects – Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor and Close. Our Project Managers coordinate with the Development Team and the Stakeholders on a timely basis to ensure timely deliveries.

    Quality Assurance

    We follow Build-And-Test method for testing every single build. Each module that is built is tested thoroughly for issues. Our team of QA testers run automated tests in addition to manual tests on every build so bugs are caught before they see the eyes of users. Everything right from the UI/UX to the Security of the application is tested leaving no room for error.

    Dev Ops

    We believe that Development and Operations area should be in sync with each other for accelerating software development and improving its quality. Our talented Dev Ops team monitors the applications closely to improve on its performance and stability. They compile and run various tests proactively. Our team ensures you have shorter development cycles, no deployment failures and improved application performance.

    Dedicated Team

    We have a team of highly-skilled professionals who thrive on writing code and learning new technologies. We believe in focusing on the product quality and assign a dedicated team to work on your project. The entire team works on your project alone  by putting in hours in research, brainstorming sessions, designing multiple prototypes and rigorous coding.

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