Real-World Low Code Examples That Make A Great Difference

By Teknorix on January 27, 2024

Key Highlights:

  • 70% of new apps will embrace low-code platforms by 2025.
  • Low-code rules for its flexibility, simplicity, and cost efficiency.
  • Future-proof your business with Teknorix low-code development services.

In the ever-evolving world of technology, there’s a silent revolution happening—one that’s changing how cities innovate, insurers adapt, and postal giants redefine speed. Imagine building powerful applications without drowning in code. That’s the magic of low-code platforms—a revolution in software development where drag-and-drop meets genius.

By 2025, an anticipated 70% of newly developed applications by organizations will leverage low-code no-code technologies, a significant surge from the 2020 figure of less than 25%. This upward trajectory is propelled by the ascent of low-code application platforms (LCAPs), fostering the growth of citizen development.

Get ready for a journey where innovation meets simplicity, and each success story is a testament to the transformative power of low-code development.

How is the low-code industry shaping the future of business?

In the business world, staying ahead requires more than work—it demands a tech tango. Low-code platforms are the heroes of digital transformation. In the landscape of business transformation, the low-code development paradigm emerges as a pivotal force shaping the future.

Across critical sectors such as finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and beyond, low-code platforms are quietly revolutionizing the way business innovates. In the financial realm, low-code agility is untangling intricate processes, ushering in operational efficiency and heightened customer experiences.

Healthcare experiences a surge in innovation as low-code expedites the development of patient-centric applications, elevating the standard of care delivery. Meanwhile, in e-commerce, low-code stands as the catalyst behind swift application development, ensuring flawless user experiences.

Beyond the buzz, low-code is a strategic tool reshaping the trajectory of business across industries. Its capacity to simplify intricate coding processes and expedite application development foreshadows a tech-driven future. The low-code no-code revolution isn’t a fleeting moment; it’s steering the course of business evolution.

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Top 3 Real-World Low Code Development Success Stories

Let’s delve into three practical low-code examples from the real world:

Success Story #1: Rotterdam’s Agile Leap

In 2018, Rotterdam fell behind in the tech world, like they were speaking a different language than their computers. So, they decided to use the low-code platform. It’s like a shortcut for making computer programs. Rotterdam has created more than 100 apps for over 100,000 people! That’s a lot of helpful tools.

But how did they do it?

They used pre-made pieces (we call them reusable components) to build things super quickly. They made apps for handling COVID-19 stuff, reserving parking spots, and managing subsidies. And get this—they did it all in just three weeks each time! Now, Rotterdam is a city, zooming around and helping citizens and workers with their tech tricks.

Success Story #2: Erie Insurance’s Mobile Marvel

Now, let’s zoom in on Erie Insurance, a big company that wanted to make things easy for you on your phone. They wanted to create a special app without needing super-special phone experts. So, they tried “low-code development.”

Erie Insurance built an app for your phone. This app isn’t just any app. You can use your face to log in (that’s called biometric), check your insurance stuff, pay bills, and even show your ID card. It’s like having a mini-insurance office right in your pocket!

And here’s the best part—they didn’t need to hire phone experts. Low code was their partner in making a happy customer.

Success Story #3: PostNL’s Parcel Power-Up

Meet PostNL, the postal superhero for 17 million customers. Their old system felt slow, like using snail mail for speedy deliveries. So, they decided to give low code a try.

PostNL got a super-fast upgrade! They rebuilt the core and added some microservices. Suddenly, they could handle a million parcels a day! It’s like going from riding a bike to flying on a rocket. Plus, they fixed a two-year problem in just six months and promised to be available almost all the time—99.95% to be exact. PostNL went from slow mail to parcel power.

Does low code have a future?

Low code is a set of templates that helps enterprises whip up solutions without the burden of coding. Low-code future lies in providing a simplified approach to application development, making it accessible even to those without extensive coding expertise.

Top 5 Reasons Low-Code Rules

  • Flexibility: Every project is unique, and low-code respects that. No more one-size-fits-all; it’s tailored strategies for each project.
  • Simple and feature-packed: In the digital age, simplicity is king. Low code not only keeps things simple but also packs a punch with intelligent features.
  • Reduction of Failure Rate: Big projects often stumble, but low-code no-code is here to rescue. It slashes failure rates by offering a clear path and saving the day.
  • High-Speed Development Cycle: Speed matters, and low-code delivers. Say goodbye to sluggish development cycles; low code is the Flash of app creation.
  • Cost Reduction: Counting pennies? Low-code is the budget-friendly hero, slashing costs and making custom solutions affordable.

So, there you have it—your quick guide to the low-code wonders. Get ready to embrace the future, where coding is a breeze and solutions are easy.

Conclusion: Unleashing Tomorrow with Low-Code Magic

As we wrap up this journey through the cool world of low-code development, it’s like we’ve stumbled upon a secret passage to a tech utopia. The stories of Rotterdam, Erie Insurance, and PostNL tell us one thing: low code isn’t just a tool; it’s an innovation.

In a world where simple ideas meet high-tech vibes, low-code platforms become the heroes, leading businesses into the future. Digital Dreams finds a buddy in low-code development, offering a fast, wallet-friendly, and easy way to create awesome web and mobile apps.

And guess what? Teknorix is your guide on this tech adventure! With a knack for low-code brilliance, we’re here to make your business shine.

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