Rix Adhoc Reporting Platform

Embedded Reporting for SAAS Applications

Rix Adhoc is a web based reporting tool which supports Ad hoc Reporting, has a complete Report Management System with built in Multi Tenancy and advanced integrated Security designed for seamless integration into enterprise web applications.

Rix Adhoc is an ideal solution for Cloud based SAAS applications which want to embed Ad hoc Reporting and business intelligence out of the box into their applications. Rix Adhoc is capable of rendering fully responsive User Interface on multiple screen sizes and mobile devices, with an inherent capability of embedding reports on hybrid mobile applications.

Developers can now build intelligent and professional looking reports in minutes with Rix Adhoc’s powerful Report Designer. These are deployed as stock reports in multi-tenant applications. Rix Adhoc provides out of the box multi tenancy support for single database or multiple database multi tenancy scenarios.

End users can customize the stock reports or create their own reports with an extremely user friendly report designer. Reports can be customized with tables, pie charts, bar charts, line charts with custom defined themes and styles.

Ad hoc reports can be built with functions like sorting, formatting, filtering, grouping and aggregate functions like COUNT, SUM, MIN, MAX and AVERAGE. Reports built with Rix Adhoc can be exported / emailed using multiple file formats. The inbuilt Report scheduler allows the users to schedule reports to be sent to them on a daily, weekly or monthly frequency, without the need of setting up complex tasks.

The entire reporting suite can be integrated or embedded into any ASP.NET web application without complex configurations or setup procedure. The basic integration with ASP.NET web applications can be done in a few minutes, allowing a faster time to market unlike any other Ad hoc reporting solution. Rix Adhoc can also be used as a standalone Business Intelligence solution which can generate meaningful information from any SQL based database.

Rix Adhoc is completely built using C# and supported on .NET frameworks 3.0 upwards, making it fully compatible on MONO. The ability to embed inside web applications built with ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, Ruby on Rails, Python, etc. and being able to run reporting on databases like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and other leading RDBMSs, makes Rix Adhoc the only completely platform independent embedded Ad hoc reporting solution available in the market.

Rix Adhoc also supports native Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reporting format (RDL Report Definition Language) which allows you to integrate your legacy Microsoft SSRS reports without much hassles. Microsoft SSSRS reports can be deployed alongside ad hoc reports built using Rix Adhoc without the need of running a separate instance of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting services, saving huge licensing costs.

Features of Rix Adhoc
  1. Ad Hoc reporting platform for self service reports
  2. Complete Report Management system
  3. Powerful Report Designer
  4. Multi Tenancy supported
  5. Low footprint, easy integration for embedding into web applications
  6. Ideal solution for Cloud based SAAS web applications
  7. Only available reporting solution for Hybrid Mobile applications
  8. Integrated Access control and Security
  9. Advanced Export capabilities in multiple formats
  10. Report Scheduler for sending scheduled reports
  11. Responsive and Retina ready design