Jobsoid is an online recruitment software which allows you to carry out all your recruitment tasks on a single platform.


Jobsoid simplifies the tedious, time-consuming recruitment tasks and accelerates your hiring process by a great deal. With Jobsoid , you can post your jobs on multiple platforms in just one click. You no longer have to check your email inbox every now and then as all the applications that you receive are presented in a centralized talent pool. The details about the candidate and recruitment status are presented in a structured, readable format. You can build your custom recruitment pipeline and manage your candidates accordingly.

Interview scheduling is usually considered to be a tedious task for hiring teams. Jobsoid simplifies it with calendar integration and online interview confirmations. You can also communicate with your candidates and coordinate with your hiring team from the software itself. The real-time dashboards and intuitive reports gives you a detailed summary of your recruitment process.

Jobsoid also helps you carry out your recruitment process while on the go with the help of Jobsoid Mobile Apps. You will no longer miss out on your recruitment updates while on the move!

Why Jobsoid

In addition to job advertising, candidate management, interview scheduling and real-time recruiting insights, Jobsoid presents you with some incredible features which will help you optimize your recruitment process.

Branded Careers Portal

Make the right first impression on your candidates with the help of this mini website. We have built this seo-friendly portal exclusively to help you out in strengthening your employer brand. Let your candidates have a seamless experience when applying for your jobs.

Chrome Plugin for Candidate Sourcing

Start sourcing candidates on LinkedIn by installing the Jobsoid Chrome Plugin on your browser. The necessary details about the candidates are fetched and profiles are created in your Jobsoid account in real-time.

Customizable recruitment pipeline

Design your recruitment pipeline in a way that it matches with your existing hiring process. You can also customize it to send out automated emails and text messages to your candidates. In addition to this, you can configure your recruitment pipeline to automatically assign tasks to your hiring team.

Smart Filter Intelligence

You can shortlist the best fit candidates in just a few seconds. Jobsoid Smart Filter is built in such a way that it scores candidate profiles on their relevance to the desired job opening.


How Jobsoid Works

Jobsoid is a complete applicant tracking software designed to streamline your recruitment processes. You can manage your entire recruitment process; from posting a job to making a successful hire; on a single platform.

One-click Job Advertising

One-click Job Advertising

Attract the best candidates to your organization by advertising your jobs on multiple channels in just one click. Posting jobs on job boards manually is a history as Jobsoid does all the work you!

  • Post your jobs on various free job boards in one click
  • Sponsor your jobs on Premium job boards and avail exciting offers on paid listings
  • Publish jobs on your website careers page by linking it with Jobsoid
  • Install Jobs tab on your Facebook page to have jobs automatically posted on Facebook
  • Connect your social media accounts with Jobsoid and share jobs on social media networks

Reach out to a large audience to attract, engage and hire the best talent for your organization.

Effective Candidate Management

Effective Candidate Management

Access every candidate application you receive in a few clicks. Jobsoid presents all candidate profiles in an online database. You no longer have to use spreadsheets or emails to keep a track of the candidate applications you receive.

  • Structured candidate profiles
  • Track applicants across your customizable recruitment pipeline
  • Shortlist candidates faster using tags, filters and favorites
  • Send Emails and Text messages to your candidates

Seamless Team Collaboration

Seamless Team Collaboration

Engage your entire team in your hiring process by bringing them team on Jobsoid. Create user accounts for your hiring team and coordinate with them online to make better recruiting decisions.

  • Discuss and share feedback about candidates with your team
  • Designate tasks to your team on the go and follow up with them with ease
  • Automate task assignment process by configuring your recruitment pipeline
  • Set reminders on tasks and enable alert notifications to ensure timely completion
  • Share candidate profiles with decision makers outside your organization

Smart Interview Scheduler

Smart Interview Scheduler

Schedule interviews seamlessly in a few clicks by connecting your Google/Microsoft calendar with your Jobsoid account. Jobsoid automatically checks your and your team’s availability and suggests a suitable time for the interview.

  • Schedule interviews for one or many candidates at a time
  • Create interview time slots to allow your candidates to self-select a convenient interview time
  • Simplify initial phone screening process with video interviews
  • Share feedback about candidates with the help of reviews and scorecards

You are notified about the status of the interview with real-time notifications.

All-in-one Recruitment Platform

Jobsoid is a full-featured, intuitive talent acquisition platform which allows you to attract, evaluate and hire the best talent seamlessly.

Pre-screening Questionnaires
Pre-screening questionnaires

Create questionnaires and attach them to your job openings. Conduct an initial candidate screening round when your candidates submit in their applications for the jobs.

Easy-to-apply Forms
Easy-to-apply forms

Customize your candidate application forms according to your job requirements. Capture required information from the candidates with the help of custom questions and questionnaires.

Built-in Resume Parser
Built-in Resume Parser

Jobsoid automatically extracts all the necessary information from resumes and creates candidate profiles with the help of its built-in resume parser. Structured candidate profiles are created without any manual efforts.

Reviews and Scorecards
Reviews and Scorecards

Share feedback about candidates with your team with the help of intuitive scorecards. Rate your candidates on a custom criteria and share it with your team to take better hiring decisions.

Recruitment Marketing Campaigns
Recruitment Marketing Campaigns

Send out personalized messages to your passive candidates and engage them in your recruitment process. No external email campaign tool required.

Advanced Reports
Advanced Reports

Keep yourself updated about the recruitment status of your organization with intelligent reports and intuitive dashboards. Gain real-time insights and make better decisions to improve the productivity of your hiring process.