iVue Video is a video interviewing software that helps you screen your candidates on a video.

iVue Video

Most recruiters do not have the time to screen every candidate application they receive. The number of candidates just seem to increase with time. But, you cannot ‘not screen’ a candidate just because of lack of time and resources. You could miss out on some excellent candidates.

With Jobsoid Video, you can screen every qualified candidate application you receive with ease. Jobsoid Video is an offline video interviewing solution that allows you to screen your candidates seamlessly. You just need to schedule a video interview by adding your questions and send out interview invites to the desired candidates. The responses of the candidates are uploaded and saved on Jobsoid cloud storage. You can view the responses at your convenient place and time.

Why iVue Video

iVue Video is being used by many recruiters from all over the world for their candidate screening process. It has fastened their recruitment process by reducing the number of phone screens and preliminary rounds of interviews.

Hassle-free scheduling

Scheduling a video interview is very simple. It’s as simple as adding your questions, setting the ¬†preparation and answer times and then, sending out the interview invites to the desired candidates.

Unlimited questions

You can add as many questions as you want. There are no restrictions on the number of questions you ask. You can also save your questions as template and use it when required in future.

Evaluation by multiple interviewers

Hiring is a collaborative process. You can add your team members as interviewers and capture their feedback about the candidates.

Excellent candidate experience

The candidates can take up the video interview at any place and time provided there is a good internet connection. It’s a simple three-step process – download the app, record the answers and submit them.

On-demand Video Screening Solution

Simplify your hiring process by screening candidates on a quick video interview.

On-demand Video Screening Solution

Eliminate the need for initial phone screens or on-site interviews for preliminary candidate screening. Save money and time by screening candidates on a video and interviewing only the best fits.

  • Accelerate your recruiting process with this advanced screening process
  • Eliminate your first rounds of candidate screening
  • Screen every single qualified candidate easily in a shorter period of time
  • Save time and money by spending less time on phone screenings