Rix Adhoc is a web-based, responsive Adhoc Reporting platform. It can be embedded into your web applications without any hassles.

Rix Adhoc

The entire reporting software has a fully responsive user interface on all modern browsers on various devices. In addition to web applications, it can be embedded on hybrid mobile applications as well. Rix Adhoc also provides multi-tenancy support for single as well as multiple databases. You can use the readily available stock reports or design your custom report according to your requirements. Report building is simple as we offer easy-to-use, step-based wizard to do so. You can also use Quick Reporting tool to generate reports in just 2 clicks.

Why Rix Adhoc

In addition to being a fully-customizable reporting system, Rix Adhoc comes with a host of features which makes it an ideal choice for cloud-based SaaS applications.

User-friendly Report Designer

Rix Adhoc gives you all the tools needed to build powerful reports. You can create tables, pie charts, bar charts and line charts while using functions like sorting, formatting, filtering, grouping and aggregate functions like count, max, min, sum and average.

Pure Responsive

Built with Bootstrap 3.1 at the core, Rix Adhoc works on all modern browsers on various devices. It is responsive enough to render your reports on multiple screen resolutions

Multi Tenancy

You can plug in this application with your multi-tenant application with Database Level or TenantID configurations.

Integrated Security and Access Control

In addition to Integrated Security, Rix Adhoc provides greater flexibility when sharing reports with other users and groups. You can set access control at the user level and application level.

How Rix Adhoc Works

Rix Adhoc is a complete Report Management System which is designed in such a way that it can be seamlessly integrated with any kind of web applications.

Report Designer

Powerful Report Designer

AJAX based Rich Responsive Web User Interface for Report Creation which can be used for Stock Reports as well as AdHoc reports by End users with the Easy to use Step based Wizard.

Table    Pie Chart    Bar Chart     Line Chart

All the tools you need to Create Tables, Pie Charts, Bar Charts and Line Charts using functions like Sorting, Formatting, Filtering, Grouping and aggregate functions like COUNT, SUM, MIN, MAX, AVERAGE.

Report Designer on iPad

Export Capabilities

Print    PDF    Word    Excel    CSS    XML

Print, PDF, Word, Excel, CSV or XML. Let your users choose what they want to do with their reports. Also choose formats and Email templates for Integrated Scheduler.

Rix Adhoc on Macbook

Easy Integration

Easily integrate Ad hoc reporting into your application without any complex configuration or setup. Even a novice developer can accomplish this in just about 5 minutes.

Fully-customizable Reporting System

Rix Adhoc is a Web based Reporting Tool that allows you to create custom reports in just a few clicks.

Multi Tenancy
Multi Tenancy

Inbuilt Multitenancy Ideal for cloud based SAAS applications serving multiple tenants.

Access Control

Control Access to Reports by specifying CRUD Permissions for Users/Groups in addition to Integrated Security


Schedule Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports to be sent out to various users who subscribe for the scheduled reports.

Express Reports
Express Reports

Generate a Report with just 2 Clicks -The fastest any Reporting tool can get. Then customize it in the Expert mode.

Report Styles
Report Styles

Customize the looks of your reports with pre-defined or custom themes. Easy customization by developers to provide stock themes.

Retina Ready

Built completely with the New Age devices in mind. Does not use any Raster graphics. All Graphics are SVGs being served as Web fonts.