Introducing Tek-Flow

Tek-flow is a proprietary software development framework we designed after years of research and building great software products. It defines a process which helps us deliver great quality results. It also augments our technology stack with reusable code blocks, helping us build products much faster.


Tek-flow is designed to speed up our development process without compromising on code quality. Timely delivery being one of the most important aspects of any project, it helps us deliver great results much faster, resulting in great savings in cost.


Being an agile development framework, Tek-flow defines guidelines to approach the problem the right way. It helps prioritize work thereby allowing the team to perform to the best of their abilities.


We understand that requirements are bound to change during product development. Tek-flow allows us to incorporate such changes without affecting the original deadlines of the project. 


Most projects either fail badly or become unusable very soon, mainly due to the lack of communication during development. Tek-flow allows us to provide timely project status updates, while also capturing customer feedback at every stage.

Best Practices
Best Practices

Tek-flow defines guidelines to be followed at every step of the development process. Whether it is choosing the right design pattern, following better coding standards or choosing a good testing framework, there are no shortcuts at Teknorix.

Reusable Coding Framework
Reusable Coding Framework

The most important aspect of Tek-flow is its strong infrastructure and architectural model which speeds up development to a great extent. Our developers focus directly on the business code, with a lot of underlying magic handled by the framework. 

The Flow of events

Our product development process, Tek-Flow takes care of all the nitty-gritties of the entire development process. It is a systematic and organized approach which helps us deliver remarkable results on every project.

Gather Requirements

Gather requirements

You tell us your requirements and help us paint a clear picture of your product idea. We typically discuss this over a video call or if possible, an in-person meeting. These requirements are further refined internally by our design and product engineering team, providing you a brief presentation of how this product will work and what problems it will solve.

Propose Solutions

Propose solutions

Once we have the requirement specification ready, we begin to define the product modules and prioritizing them. We draw out an estimate of the efforts and time required to develop the product and present you with the cost estimates. Once the commercials are agreed upon, we will work towards creating UI mockups, which are again presented for your approval.

Build The Product

Build the product

The product development begins with a prototype which will give you a clear understanding of the basic functionality. We will then proceed with every module of the project and provide a working copy of the build at the end of every week. Each build also undergoes repeated cycles of testing. At the same time, your feedback is captured and incorporated into the subsequent builds.

Deploy, Monitor and Iterate

Deploy, monitor and iterate

The final product is initially released for beta-testing and its performance is monitored closely. Once we are assured of a stable system, we hand it over to you or help you deploy the same to the live infrastructure. The product is further fine-tuned and optimized till it does not exceed your expectations.

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