Software Construction

Software Construction is the process which converts Software Design into executable computer programs. This involves tasks like Coding, Testing, Debugging and maintenance of source code. The main goal of the software construction phase is to ensure a consistent style of programming making the programs well structured, having fewer errors and easy to understand and maintain.

It is also a challenge to ensure that the software developers follow the key design principles allowing code reuse, thus decreasing the cycle time and increase in quality and productivity of the developers. We work strictly on an Iterative development approach using Agile development methodology and a strong emphasis on robust coding standards accompanied by code comments and test driven development.

Developers are responsible for the unit tests for the modules developed by them. Hence the modules are tested and ready for Continuous Integration of the project. This leads to short build cycles which in turn allows the stakeholders to review the project at the end of every iteration.

Using the Agile Methodology, we can ensure that:
  1. Active user involvement is carried out for every aspect of the software being developed
  2. Requirements are captured at a high level.
  3. Though the requirements evolve over time, project moves in the right direction.
  4. Development happens in small incremental releases which are iterative.
  5. Developers focus more on frequent deliveries of the project.
  6. Every feature is completed before moving on to the next one.
  7. Testing is an integral part of the development phase, leading to a test driven development.
  8. Software development is carried out in a more collaborative approach with all stakeholders.