Delivery & Implementation

This is the final step in the Software Development Lifecycle and is considered to be of utmost importance for any project, albeit our own product or services project developed at Teknorix.

Delivery on Deadline is a mantra chanted by every team member at Teknorix and everyone works meticulously towards achieving it. All projects are managed using Microsoft Team Foundation Server & Microsoft Project, broken down into Features, User Stories & Tasks which are allotted specific time and monitored closely every day by the Project Managers reporting to the Delivery Head.

The Delivery Head is responsible for reviewing that deliveries of projects are with proper standards and timelines and to the satisfaction of the customer. The Delivery Head is also responsible for the successful implementation of the software project to the platform it is targeted to. The Delivery head also works closely with the clients to ensure that the implementations are carried out without any issues.

Every project has a dedicated Delivery Head who oversees the entire development lifecycle starting from the Requirements gathering by the Business Analysts, the Architecture design by the Software Architect and the Development from the Team leads and Project managers, ensuring that the deadlines are met as per the schedules estimated. Depending on the size and scale of the project, this role is at times handled by our Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Yashvit Naik who works closely with the teams associated with the project at every stage in the lifecycle.