Architecture & Design

Software design is the process of creating a solution to a problem defined in the Software Requirements specification. This is a sequence of steps undertaken by a Software Architect to describe all aspects of a software to be built.

As with any other design disciplines, Software Architecture & Design is also a highly Creative and specialized skill which can be achieved only with a thorough knowledge of computer science, software design patterns, technologies available and a commitment towards building good quality software.

Software Architecture & Design are often given importance during building a Software Product and often overlooked during a Software Services project by many software development companies.

We strongly believe that Software design should adhere to the following key design principles:
  1. Separation of Concerns – Every feature of a software application should be divided into a separate module with very little or no overlap in functionality. The complexities of designing a large application can be minimized by separating the design into separate modules.
  2. Single Responsibility Principle – Each module should be responsible for a specific feature or functionality.
  3. Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) – Every functionality being built should be specified only in one place. Specific functionality should be built only in one component and not duplicated in any other.
  4. Principle of Least Knowledge – A component should not know about the internal details of other software components or objects.
  5. Minimize upfront design – Very important principle in agile development, only design what is necessary. Over engineering a software project also can lead to future problems.

With an obsessiveness to building Quality software adhering to Best Practices in software design and strong in-depth Application Domain knowledge, our Software Architects focus meticulously on achieving the optimum Software Design for any software project executed at Teknorix. Hence all software development services projects at Teknorix also undergo the same rigorous stages of Software Design as our own products.