Know Everything about Cloud Computing from a Professional

By Teknorix on October 16, 2023

The “cloud.” What was once trendy, has become an inevitable part of our personal and professional lives. Simply put, cloud computing is a computing model wherein things are accessible over the internet. This includes storage, servers, networks, development tools, and software. When something is in the cloud, it implies that it’s stored on the internet.

Emails, streaming services, online storage, social media, and online banking are some apps hosted by cloud services. This model of computing reduces upfront Capex, improves accessibility, and boosts performance. It also promotes vertical and horizontal scaling, reliability, cost optimization, and security. As per IDC, global spending on cloud computing services will reach $1.3 trillion by 2025.

Although we understand how cloud computing works, the way it is evolving is far more complex to grasp. So, we interviewed Yashvit Naik, a cloud computing expert and the co-founder & CTO of Teknorix, to gain a better understanding of the subject.


There’s been a sudden surge in demand for cloud-based apps since COVID. Being a software development company, how is Teknorix leveraging the cloud to provide value to its clients?

“Yes. The trend of work-from-home and hybrid work cultures since COVID has made companies realize the importance of the cloud. We at Teknorix use cloud-based collaborative applications like Jira and Microsoft Teams. Other apps include Bitbucket, Hubstaff, Asset Tiger, Zoho Assist, and QuickBooks.

As a software development company, we are moving from private cloud connectivity to Azure platform as a service (PaaS). We adopt cloud-native architecture to build dynamic apps for our clients. And leverage cloud-native technologies like Kubernetes, Docker, low code, and no code. It empowered us to deliver applications with faster time to market, quick integrations, and enhanced agility. Not to mention the scalability and improved performance. We follow the best practices and provide out-of-the-box security measures with Azure.”


Recent statistics show that 75% of enterprises view security issues in the cloud as a major concern. What are your thoughts, and how secure do you think the cloud is?

“Every new technological development has its share of pros and cons. But the pros of the cloud far outweigh its cons. Everything is connected to the internet, and thus there is the risk of connecting to it. If we contemplate, maintaining physical servers and data centers is more prone to the risk of human error than keeping the data in the cloud.

When you have your own data centers, your security is as good as the smartest people you hire. With cloud providers like Azure, you leverage the top talent at Microsoft to give you the best and safest cloud computing experience. You can focus on your business and leave the security worries to the experts at Microsoft!”


The big three – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Which one does Teknorix partner with, and why?

“Placing one above the other will be inappropriate. Companies that use the services of these cloud giants do so to meet their discrete requirements. Teknorix partners with Microsoft Azure, which has seen rapid growth in recent years. In fact, as per Microsoft India, “95% of Fortune 500 companies are running on Azure today.” No matter which company you name, it has an account on Microsoft 365, validating Microsoft’s dominance.

Azure is continually expanding its set of cloud services, with more than 100 at present. It lets you run your existing apps on virtual machines or build cloud-native applications from scratch. Besides, it is marking new software paradigms such as intelligent bots and cognitive services. Azure Cloud is accessible across AI, ML, low-code, and no-code development. This gives us enough flexibility to develop robust and secure apps for our clients in no time. Microsoft Azure’s storage solutions dynamically grow to accommodate massive amounts of data. Its computing solutions scale to accommodate growing requests. We have no reason to not partner with it.”

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