Interesting facts about 5G technology for your business

By Teknorix on November 3, 2023

The 5G’s speed of up to 20Gbps peak data rates may blow your mind. And no! We are not just talking about the typical mobile networks but a whole new kind of network to connect machines, objects, and devices. Basically, connecting everyone and everything virtually.

This wireless technology is set out to deliver massive network capability. Also, ultra-low latency, higher reliability, and extended user experience. The high performance and increased efficiency expand its scope in connecting new industries. We will soon experience advanced remote healthcare, digitized logistics, safer transport, precision agriculture, and much more..

Some jaw-dropping estimates…

Have a look at some of 5G’s surprising stats:

  • By 2035, its global economic output potential is up to $13.1 trillion across a wide range of industries.
  • Over the next 15 years, its annual global CAPEX and R&D is forecasted to reach $265 billion.
  • 5G is said to support more than 22.8 million jobs including content creators and app developers.


The Power of Automation…

The development demand for the 5G network is expanding beyond the traditional mobile networking contenders to industries such as the automotive industry. 5G is predominantly used across the three groups of connected services –

  • Reinforced Mobile broadband

    Apart from making your smartphones super-natty, 5G can aid hypnotic experiences like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) with lower cost-per-bit, low latency, and faster, more uniform data rates.

  • Mission-critical ICT

    The full-fledged economic reach of 5G can power Information and Communications Technology (ICT). This will bring a massive shift in modern computing. Medical procedures, vehicles, and remote control of critical infrastructure can be explored. This can be further developed with ultra-reliable and low-latency links.

  • Gigantic IoT

    The extremely lean and low-cost connectivity solutions can up the game for the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. 5G can connect vast embedded senses without interruptions to anything and everything virtually. Want to read more on IoT? Check out our newsletter on the Internet of Things.


Final Words:

5G technology is embraced in more than 60+ countries and is growing. This mobile ecosystem will soon expand to new industries. Thereby, it will enhance businesses’ efficiency and make information accessibility faster for users. It opens a whole new possibility of seamless IoT capabilities, instant cloud access, extreme reality (XR), and new enterprise applications. To conclude, 5G will power smart cities to transform lives. How? Through enhanced connectivity between people and things.

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