Jobsoid: Birth of A Free Applicant Tracking System

By Teknorix on November 1, 2014

Jobsoid is a Free Applicant Tracking System to simplify the recruitment process. That too… without needing a large recruitment team.

As the name suggests, Jobsoid means a “Jobs” “Droid”. It was born out of a sheer need for a simple online recruitment solution that could handle our complex hiring process.

We are a software development company based in Goa – India. A small state steadily stepping towards becoming a preferred IT destination in India. We receive a few hundred resumes by email every month, which generally skyrocket when we put out an Advert in the local newspapers or job portals.

The Problem

A large number of emails would generally fill up our HR mailbox. It left us with no option but to download and view every resume to find whether the candidate really matched our requirements. This was a very time-consuming process, and our HR team would struggle to go through all the resumes. Most of our time got lost in selecting candidates who had a good-looking resume but hardly any relevant experience.

This was an even bigger problem in finding suitable candidates for a senior technical position. We used our tried and tested “Excel” and maintained a spreadsheet of the entire candidate list. We would mark, unmark, put remarks, or delete a candidate based on what we thought of the candidate.

The Initial Stage

Hence, we decided to try some of the available online Applicant tracking systems in the market. We tried almost all applicant tracking systems given to us by Google. Some of them were too simple, some too complex (for our limited HR resources). Some were cheap, some very expensive, and yes, one was Free but kept crashing all the time.

Finally, after trying about ten odd applicant tracking systems for our recruitment, we settled for one solution which we thought was rightly priced and had decent functionality. But most of the time, we would get spam marketing emails in our HR mailbox, which would show up as candidates.

Secondly, we had to communicate at every stage of the candidate recruitment pipeline. For this, we had to use an email client or find the candidate’s phone from the resume and call the candidate manually.

Another problem was, we generally conducted batch interviews. None of the online applicant tracking systems available in the market would support this. We finally ended up using Excel again maintaining spreadsheets.

You can imagine… Candidate data in your mailbox, in the applicant tracking system, and, on a spreadsheet, … That was frustrating.

Finally, we said enough is enough. Why can’t we build one?

So, we called one of our senior developers and started sketching some conceptual designs of how a productive recruitment software solution should be.

The Solution

The concept was… Hiring should be made possible without a recruitment team. The recruitment process should be without using spreadsheets or having to touch email clients. An online cloud-based software solution in which you could create a job opening at the click of a button. The same job opening would show up on our website and job portals too. Candidates should apply directly to the system. Recruiting them should be a matter of just a few clicks. All communication with candidates should be handled just magically.

A couple of weeks later, we built a fairly useful piece of software which we put to work even in the early alpha stage. Voila, our problems started decreasing. We managed to get a structured view of candidates, filter them, and call them for interviews. We didn’t need our HR team to break their heads worrying about using different software for different things. Rather they could do everything in an integrated recruitment solution which we called ‘Jobsoid.’

And the Journey begins…

Thus, began our journey of Jobsoid. It is now a full-featured applicant tracking system easing the recruitment process for thousands of organizations around the globe.

We wanted to keep it accessible to everyone. Hence, Jobsoid was made as a FREE applicant tracking system that anybody can make use of.

We will continue to build on this vision and try our level best to make Jobsoid the best applicant tracking system and online recruitment solution ever.

Visit to see this in action.

Happy recruiting!