Software Development Center

Our state of the art development center in Goa, India is equipped with the latest infrastructure and an ideal workplace for employee productivity.

At Teknorix our developers work on Dell Workstations with Dual Display Monitors. Our Datacenter is equipped with Dell Servers which have Hex Core Intel Xeon processors, RAID & redundant power supplies. Our offices are equipped with high speed fiber-optic leased line internet, advanced switching / routing / firewall equipment, 24×7 always online UPS systems, backup generators and other power conditioning equipment. With standby & fail-over infrastructure available at all times, we guarantee a very high up-time at the Teknorix Development Center.

Data is always maintained on hot swappable RAID hard disks, backed up every night to Network Attached Backup Servers and a strict off-site backup policy for disaster recovery. With a planned disaster recovery site, we aim at becoming a solutions provider for enterprise clients where data is very critical.

With data security being our top priority, we maintain a highly protected network with next generation high throughput firewalls and strong web access policies. In addition we also maintain a strict Data Leak Prevention (DLP) policy enforced at various levels in hardware and software.


Our workplace has a relaxed and casually professional atmosphere. It comes with work and perks. We have provided our team spacious work stations, unlimited computer gear, unlimited coffee, chill out zone and a great team to work with.

In a world where most software development happens in the most rudimentary and depressing cubicle farms, our offices boast of being the best place for software developers to work. We built separate team rooms, which provide an optimum level of privacy and ideal atmosphere for collaborative development.

A great office space for developers results in increased productivity and also gives an edge in attracting, hiring and retaining the best developers we need to make the best software.