Bringing great ideas to life

Teknorix is a product engineering, software development and technology services company based in Goa, India. We leverage our expertise in the latest technologies to deliver innovative solutions to accelerate your digital transformation initiatives, helping scale your business to greater heights.

Product Engineering

We convert your ideas into robust and scalable products, helping you drive innovation using our skills of disruptive technologies and product thinking.

Product Experience

We focus closely on improving the end user experience helping your product to acquire, nurture and grow your customer base to the next level.

Enterprise Agility

Leveraging the latest developments in technology to augment your digital transformation initiatives, giving you an edge in the competitive market.

Our Specialization

Mobile App Development

We craft intuitive mobile apps for all mobile platforms with best in class UX design and latest technologies.

Web App Development

We build robust web apps to solve real world problems, leveraging our product development experience.


Years of experience in technology services


Team of dedicated engineers


Enterprise products built for clients


Own SaaS products scaled globally

Product thinking leads innovation

Our product development process is systematic and organized. We designed our proprietary software development framework so that we deliver great results much faster.

Product Engineering

We Worship Ideas

Ideas are everything. It all starts and ends with an Idea. We dote on systematically transforming your ideas into commercially viable software products.

We Cherish Innovation

We believe that innovation is the single most element that guarantees long term stability of software products and hence, is fundamental to creating a UI model, product architecture and developing a prototype.

We Thrive on Quality

Delivering quality services is our pride and motto. We invest in processes and tools that allow us to deliver premium quality software development services. This includes disciplined/systematic approach, thorough testing and prompt response actions.

We Love Enhancements

Upon product release, we continue to give solicitous attention and support towards improvements and updates. We zealously participate in continuous enhancement of the product based on user feedback.

Our Work

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