• Teknorix - Building Risk Free Software

    .NET Specialists

    We are .NET technology specialists founded by a team of experienced developers who have worked with .NET since its launch in 2002. We develop solutions primarily in C#, VB.net, ASP.net MVC & SQL Server

    Our Skillsets 
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    Enterprise Solutions

    We develop custom ERP, CRM, Web & Mobile solutions for domains like Engineering & Construction, Real Estate and Hospitality industry. Having core domain expertise helps us develop solutions with state of the art Business Intelligence and make them adapt to the business rather than struggling to adapt the business to the software

    Our Domains 
  • Web Development

    Web Applications

    We build Web applications which are designed keeping in mind the way the Web has changed our lives and the way we do business. Our Web applications are based on a SAAS architecture and give the flexibility to any business to adopt a hosted solution without having to invest into the infrastructure.

    Hosted solutions 
  • Offshore Development

    Offshore Projects

    Our separate dedicated team of professionals handles exclusive projects of clients at offshore locations based on the requirements of custom development or customization of existing systems.

    Know More 

We are TEKNORIX, a software solutions company with a modern perspective, based in Goa – The upcoming IT Hub of India. We are a dedicated team of developers, designers, problem solvers or rather inventors with a passion to build software that will redefine business applications making them smarter, robust and user friendly.

We specialize in .NET Technology, Mobile Applications and also use a wide range of Open Source tools without having to reinventing the wheel. We think software differently and build domain specific ERP systems, CRM solutions, Web and Mobile applications for customers around the world.



  • Adapt to business
    Adapts to Business

    ..rather than vice-versa

  • Modern Devices
    Is Accessible

    ..from any location using any device

  • User Friendly Design
    Makes life easy

    ..and is fun to use

  • Robust Software
    Is Robust

    ..in its design principles

  • More that just data entry
    Does More

    ..than just data entry and report printing